Wednesday, December 28, 2005

christmas cookies

In an attempt to get some holiday spirit into our household, Robert and I decided to make gingerbread cookies as a gift to my sister for the ham. So, ignoring my work for yet another day, we cut and decorated cookies.

Now, I am an attempting realistic cookie artist. I like to make the crocodiles green, put brown spots on a yellow giraffe. I labor on my cookies, wanting each piece to be an artwork.

This aspiration at cookie perfection amuses Robert. "You're so tight," he teases me,"You should just have some fun."

Robert then precedes to frost a gingerbread man blue. "See," he shows me,"This is how you do it."

And I realize he is right. His cookie, blue and all, certainly expresses more joy than mine. It was similar to when I developed my art style. At first, I was creating art realistically, just to prove to people I could draw. It was only when I let myself have fun that I really began to create images of joy. It is that core of happiness which makes things--art, people and cookies-- beautiful. And it is something I have lost track of.

So, I let go of my inner Martha Stewart and we make the most ridiculous cookies, laughing the whole time. And I begin to feel the holiday spirit. Because nothing says Christmas like a green gingerbread man.


Blogger Dan Santat said...

I hear you Grace. I suck at "Pictionary" for that very same reason.

11:44 PM  
Blogger edmaggie said...

I guess many of us can be obsessive about certain things. My housework? Not often. But as far as I am concerned baking requires perfection. I am no artist so my cookies and cakes are the only tangible things I can make that will be visually appealing. Piping frosting into intricate designs, decorating with carefully selected fresh fruit, garnishing with strawberries precisely dipped in bittersweet chocolate. Ah! Now that is poetry for the eye--as well as the tastebuds.
Maybe I should chill out. Maybe not. Once, in my younger days, I baked a batch of almond cookies colored with blue food dye. When I brought some to my Uncle (who lived upstairs), he looked at them and exclaimed: Are these play dough?

8:42 AM  
Blogger karmabeatrice said...

At least they tasted yummy

7:09 PM  

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