Thursday, December 01, 2005

Snow Headaches

Usually I try to write interesting things on this blog, but today will be an explanation blog. For some reason, Robert's Snow has had many many technical difficulties this year and I know bidders want to know why. Well, here's why.

Today, I received an e-mail that my eBay accounts have been suspended. In fact, the account that I've posted the snowflakes on has been revoked all together. This is after my paypal account has been flagged as well. Here are the reasons:

1. I have two accounts--one that has the auctions and another that I have been bidding with. I've been bidding, obviously because I want to win some snowflakes. However, eBay caught wind that both accounts belong to the same person and has assumed I am trying to swindle bidders by inflating prices.

2. I have violated eBay's listing policy by allowing people to contact me directly if they want to purchase the snowflake outright.

3. The paypal account has been flagged for "undisclosed reasons" and suspended unless I show proof of shipment 7 days after the auction has been held. This doesn't work because all the snowflakes are on display until Dec. 11th.

4. If we are selling for a charity, we have to use their missionfish program which takes a percentage.

Boo-hiss! I think it's #4 that has really annoyed them. We used missionfish last year and ended up paying their crummy fees. And since paypal is an eBay company, I'm sure that is why our account was flagged too. Well, I'm not sure...but I have my suspicions.

And I am shoveling through this. I've asked people to pay by check or money order (when you do, please include your shipping address and which snowflake you won with your check). We are going to relist the remaining snowflakes using missionfish on Sunday.

My biggest worry is that bidders will think that there is something underhanded going on, that I am secretly pocketing the money and an eBay sting has happened. NO, NO, NO! I'm not taking a cent. It's all for Dana-Farber. You can go ask them!

So, here is my plea to all bidders: Don't give us on us, even though there's been a lot of bumps this year. Keep bidding. Snow is beautiful but it can be inconvenient and cause a lot of problems. But would you want a world without it?


Blogger Karin said...

Never fear! All the world knows the good you and the entire Robert's Snow crew are doing!

4:44 PM  
Blogger debi carruth said...

You might try listing the snowflakes on Art By Us rather than Ebay. I have heard they are much more friendly to artists, and with charity auctions.

6:13 AM  

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