Monday, October 24, 2005

preparing for the storm

Will I get it all done? The big Robert's Snow kick-off event is on Nov. 3rd and I feel like I'm racing. Suddenly the checklist is getting divided into things that must be done and things that I thought I'd like done but I probably won't do. Here's the weekend schedule:

Sat: drive to Newburyport and pick up the snowflakes, stop at Haverhill and pick up donations of tablecloths, wine, and glasses (about an hour and a half drive each way). On the way home stop at Target and buy a folding table. Get home and feed Robert. Spend night sorting snowflakes, prepping labels.

Sun: Robert at the hospital in the morning. Pick up signage from Kinkos. Transport goods to gallery in afternoon. Hang snowflakes, which I'm quite stressed out about as the it's only me and Ki-Ki hanging. Return, feed Robert and hope that he hasn't withered away from neglect.

I could keep going with the Mon., Tues, Wed. schedule (post auctions, e-mail rsvps,etc. etc) but I think you get the idea. Suffice to say that there is a lot to do and that planning this event is like planning a wedding only without getting married.

All this is starting to make Robert and I quite cranky. We are glad these are the end days of the project. Just want to make sure it goes off with a big bang...and that I get it all done.


Blogger Mary Porcher said...

I can't even imagine how exhausting all of that is for both of you...praying that it will all work out perfectly!

8:30 PM  
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