Saturday, October 01, 2005

too much snow

Robert's Snow
What does it take to make it snow? Well, for the first half of my twenty-four hour day: it takes a meeting past midnight, an early morning radio interview (7AM), and a booksigning (hour drive). For the 2nd half of my day: scanning snowflakes, posting snowflakes, typing artist bios, checking for typos in artist bios (lots and lots), designing invitations, responding to gallery owners & PR people, printing out info and images for gallery owners and PR people, going to the post office to mail the printouts, putting together packages of flyers for conferences, artists, and groups and then going to the post office to mail the packages, uploading and reviewing info and files for the website (look at our new movie at, scheduling get the idea.

In the middle of this, Robert gets a little testy. "Hey," he says, "isn't this project suppose to be for ME? Then how come you can't spend any time with ME?"

And it's true. Somewhere along the way this project got too big. Wonderful in many ways, but overwhelming. Too many artists to please, too many responsibilities that I took to heart. Too much. We have to pay the bills, I need to get paying work done and Robert feels neglected. So I add to my to-do list: Cancel some events. Decline some appearances. Ignore some e-mails. Spend more time with my husband. Work on things that will make me happy. Sleep.

Hope I get to those.


Blogger Zero said...

By chance I took a look at your blog and read almost all contents on your website! I think you are a gifted writer and illustrator.

I love people who embrace infancy but stay away from infantilization.

Regarding the Robert's Snow Project? What an idea! What a brave choice! What an accomplishment!

My kindest regards and best wishes to your husband and 199 ilustrator friends.

I just thought you would like to know you touched my brazilian heart.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Grace Lin said...

Thanks for your kids's amazing to know people are actually reading my blog. Please spread the word about Robert's Snow, I appreciate your support!

12:17 PM  

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