Tuesday, September 27, 2005

gold star day

So yesterday was a really good day. Robert got test results back from his CT scan and it showed his tumor had shrunk. Yippee!! We are very happy, we had been scared that we'd have to change treatments again. We used to hope to hear about miraculous cures, nowadays we settle for stability.

It's been a pretty long haul for us, we're going on about 3 years of chemo treatments, experimental drugs and tests (nonstop). It's been so long that a lot of people forget that Robert even has cancer. I never forget. Recently, I've come to the realization that chemo with steroids is like extremely bad PMS. Here's an example:

normal Robert:"Honey, I'm going to throw out your tomatoes, they look like they are getting fruit flies."

chemo Robert: "Where the *^$!%$!! are these fruit flies coming from? *^%!#&@! They're coming from your tomatoes, *&@%!# why do you leave these things out? Is it so hard to get rid of them?! Why is our kitchen is always such a *^#%@!$! mess!"

Too bad I can't give just give him a Midol.


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