Saturday, April 22, 2006

welcome to fabulous las vegas

Last month, Robert got great results from his latest scan. His tumors had shrunk to the point that the doctor said he could take a month off of treatment. After doing chemo for over a year now, getting a month off is like finding a puddle of water in the middle of a desert.

Which is pretty much what Las Vegas is. With this month of freedom, we quickly planned a celebratory trip there. We had wanted to go to Europe, but settled for Vegas and the Paris hotel instead. Complete with a Eiffel Tower replica, what more could you want? I admit, I always feel slight twinges of guilt as I enjoy the sparkling fountains and the faux canals, considering the scars which were probably forced upon the earth to create this man-made oasis. But in the end, where else can one meet a klingon, see breath-taking shows (we love cirque du soleil, by the way--go see KA) and lose money yet still feel happy? So, I gave in to the sheer decadence and had a fabulous time...just like the ad says.


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