Sunday, February 19, 2006

hometown high

As a rule, I loathe bookstore signings. Usually, I sit next to a pile of books watching the tumbleweeds or awkwardly smiling at passing customers--who, in turn, ask me where the bathroom is. So, when Lisa (the Upstate NY Families with Children from China chapter president) approached me about doing a signing at their local B&N, I hesitated. But, it was my hometown area. I knew my parents would be glad to see us (and they would at least get their friends to come), it fit in Robert's schedule and I could sign a lot of stock that would (hopefully) get sold afterwards, so I agreed.

However, I completely underestimated the power of Lisa. With her wonder powers of marketing, she reminded her group repeatedly and subliminally--getting the signing mentioned on the local radio and newspaper as well as through word of mouth and e-mail.

And whomever said marketing is everything was completely correct (and reaffirms my publicist decision). Families from all over came out. It was quite overwhelming. Lisa and I agreed that an activity would make the event much more appealing, so we advertised a mini-drawing class with my reading; and I taught all the kids how to draw dogs. Which they did, with panache.

And while I was signing, numerous people jokingly asked me if my hand was tired...and it was! But, I'd be willing to take that soreness any day.


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