Wednesday, February 08, 2006

home is where the husband is

After returning from a lovely stay in Portland, where the Portland Chinese Garden hosted me for a series of events (art exhibit, book readings) for 5 days, I returned home tired but triumphant. I made it! No luggage lost, no unhappy hosts (at least not to my knowledge), lots of books sold and cheerful companions made. The beautiful Portland Chinese Garden was inspiring (if you haven't been there, you should go), they ran out of books (and had to reorder), and I even got 4 chapters written on my next novel (Year of the Rat, here I come!). So, all and all, a successful venture.

However, Robert was not so enthused by my adventure. My late night return coincided with his last day of chemo treatment when drug-induced irritations are at full force. And my travel exhaustion left me less patient then I should have been, so I was unfairly exasperated by his complaints about the disorganization of the closet and the amount of mail I receive. Therefore, it was not the lover's reunion one might imagine. But still, underneath all the annoyance, we were both happy to see eachother and it was good to be home.

Note to self: schedule all future trips around chemo cycle


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